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2014-11 Photo of the Month

posted Nov 25, 2014, 4:17 PM by Geoff Faulkner
Congratulations to Lin Gulick for her award winning photo "Comfortable Ride"!

Comfortable Ride ©2014 Lin Gulick Tracy Camera Club All Rights Reserved

Lin says about the photo: "The idea for this shot came to me while cleaning up the garage, I saw an old bicycle seat and thought " this is a great spiral"  It isn't fancy yet has a simple grace and power.  My thoughts of elegant spiral staircases were transformed to see what was the art in front of my eyes.  I chose black and white photo to expand on the deep tones of darkness, mid-tones , and whites which gave the overall the drama that I was looking for.   Far away  and exotic places provide great opportunities for dramatic subjects, however, a little creative thinking can turn an afternoon photo shoot in your yard into a prize winner."