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2015-11-11 Competition Results

posted Nov 17, 2015, 6:33 AM by Geoff Faulkner
Congratulations to club member Helen Watson for winning Print of the Month with her photo Bringing Food to an Old Friend! She won this prize participating in the "oldie, but goodie" option for the last competition of the year.

Bringing Food to an Old Friend © Helen Watson, Tracy Camera Club

Helen says about the photo:

"My friends Georgian and Winnie Banov have been taking groups of people into Gypsy camps in Eastern Europe for missionary work for many years.  They would do these trips several times a year but  in the summertime they would host a trip called Party with the Gypsies


This was a trip all of us looked forward to all year long!   Upon our arrival, this particular Gypsy village in Kazanlak, Bulgaria would host a 3 day feast and serve their traditional sheep stew.  On our first day in the Gypsy camp, they would shear and slaughter the sheep and all night long  they would cook the stew in large pots over outdoor open fires.  In the morning, we would setup the food for distribution and the party would begin!  There would be music and dancing and food and friends reconnecting after being apart for a year.  


I believe this picture is from 2007 and in this picture, Winnie Banova is carrying a pot of sheep stew to an elderly woman's home.  The old woman in this picture and Winnie had known each other for years and Winnie was recognized all over this camp.  A year after this picture was taken, the old Gypsy woman died.


The look of joy on her face as her good friend Winnie carried the pot of food to her home is priceless!"

Congratulations, Helen!