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2016-02 Competition

posted Feb 25, 2016, 8:38 PM by Geoff Faulkner   [ updated Feb 25, 2016, 8:41 PM ]
Congratulations to returning club member Kevin Suttle for his winning photo titled "Majestic Stance"!
Majestic Stance © 2016 Kevin Suttle February Print of the Month Winner, Tracy Camera Club

Kevin says: "I took this photo on a private ranch near Redding, California. I used an iPhone app to determine roughly where the Milky Way would be in relation to the tree and horse statue the evening prior to taking this picture.

This 10 second exposure was taken with a Fuji x100t at ISO3200 f2.0 and processed in Adobe Lightroom." Great job, Kevin!

And congratulations to all the category winners!
Class Category Photographer Photo Title
B Open Curtis Williford Sitting Down By The River
Journalism James Winters Spare Change
Monochrome Curtis Williford Light of Her Eye
Portraits Curtis Williford Going for a Walk
Night Photography Helen Watson Playing with Fire
AA Open Mickey McGuire Beach View - Mexico
Journalism Pat Ching And the Winner Is?
Monochrome Mickey McGuire Cabbage 1
Portraits Geoff Faulkner Seated Sunset
Night Photography Kevin Suttle Majestic Stance

Some 2016 stats for those interested:

Photos Entered By Month

Photos Entered
2/10/2016 32
Grand Total 32

Photos Entered By Person

Photos Entered
Cash Bryan 4
Curtis Williford 6
Geoff Faulkner 4
Helen Watson 3
James Winters 4
Kevin Suttle 3
Mickey McGuire 6
Pat Ching 2
Grand Total 32

Photos By Subject

Photos Entered
Night Photography 11
Portraits 7
Open 6
Journalism 5
Monochrome 3
Grand Total 32