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2018-04-11 Meeting

posted Aug 9, 2018, 7:03 PM by Geoff Faulkner



President message

Start the TeamViewer meeting for those who are remote.

  • Welcome
  • New members? 1 new visitor from Meetup came tonight.
  • Club Resources


Facebook (Link on the website to find the Facebook page)

Google Group!forum/tracycameraclub (Link on the website to join the mailing list)


  • Pay for photos, membership, any IOU - See Adrianne.
  • Club promotions - Laura Hawkins to AA! Congratulations!
  • We are members of the San Joaquin Valley Camera Club Council. You may enter photos in that competition as well. The website for more information is Mickey is the club representative, and can help answer any questions you may have about that additional competition.
  • Photography month Sacramento in April. Events all over the Sacramento area during this month! Some are paid events, others free.
  • Still room in the Stockton Camera Club Class 4/28 - Rented a boathouse in Oak Grove Park. Non-members $15. RSVP to Heide Stover I have more details for those interested.
  • Voted and approved spending club funds to purchase a new TV. I picked up a 55" that worked very well connected to the laptop. I'm hoping it will be just small enough to transport easily. We will decide at a future date if we are going to donate to the Grand Theatre, and would need to purchase a cart to place it on. Would also need approval from the Grand, as well as would need a way to reserve it for all club meetings, if possible.


Upcoming trips and events

  • Cash - 6/9/2018 Calaveras Big Trees State Park night photo shoot. RSVP to Cash to let him know you intend to be there. Campsites are filling up quickly. Discussion on the message board about good times to capture the milky way, where to stay, etc.



  • Richard Beebe - 2 classes at the Grand. Members get a small discount but you need to register at the kiosk at the theater, and tell them you are a TCC member.

Intermediate / Advanced Photography

Grand Theatre Center for the Arts #12459

Thurs 4/12, 4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/10 -- 6 – 8 pm

Ages: 15 – Adult Residents $65 Non-Residents $71


The April "Intermediate/Advanced" class is a mixed offering, due to the March Intermediate class being cancelled due to instructor illness. It is intended for someone who has gone beyond basic understanding, who wants to seriously build on that background and experience, going deeper into photography and camera understanding. We dig further into the exposure controls and how to apply them. We explore further the other camera and photographic concepts and aspects. Again, there is emailed materials/homework, as well as in-class discussions and hands-on time. This class picks up where we left off with the Beginning Photography. We will continue to explore further how the individual and combined/interactive effects of exposure controls affect the image outcome – f/stops, shutter speeds, ISO settings, shooting modes. We spend time understanding "aesthetic" compositional aspects framing an effective impression. Specific problem areas and issues will receive in-depth attention. (Either prior participation in a Beginning classes, or approval from the instructor, is a prerequisite. Please contact directly with questions.)


Saturday Morning Photo Studio: Lighting 2

Grand Theatre Center for the Arts #12461

Sat 4/14 10 am – 2 pm room: Visual Arts 2 (upstairs)

Ages: 15 – Adult Residents $40 Non-Residents $44


Session 2 – "Lighting 2": We will be taking what we can be aware of with “found” lighting, from January's "Lighting 1" offering, and further explore ways to adjust and augment it to fit our camera work in the moment. We will explore and apply what I call “spontaneous improvisation” in understanding just how we can read the lighting and seek out ways to work with it, with either no additional equipment, or with a minimal application of "extra camera stuff" like a light-bouncing reflector or a light-blocking scrim. Students of any experience level can benefit from the session. (Please contact directly with questions.)


Website and social



  • Adrianne for follow up



  • Steve Greiner is our judge tonight
  • We have 74 entries for the competition
  • Helen Watson won print of the month with her photo titled Concentration. Congratulations, Helen!