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2018-09-12 Meeting

posted Sep 20, 2018, 10:38 AM by Geoff Faulkner




Tonight I will cover Black and White conversion using Lightroom.  Also cover an interesting way to calculate Bulb mode.


As far as the Black and White conversion in Lightroom, I reviewed the information in several online articles, and added in some of my own experience. I would recommend looking at the many articles published by Andres S. Gibson on Digital Photography School as a start.  This article had some of the screen shots we used, but was for a


Bulb mode exposure trick

How long should you expose your bulb-mode photos?  Set this on your camera to get a good estimate



Aperture priority

Set to aperture of your photo - for pinpoint light starburst try f22


Look at the shutter time, and make note of it.  That number will be roughly the number in minutes to expose at ISO 100.


Chart to explain








1 seconds

2 seconds

4 seconds

8 seconds

16 seconds

32 seconds

64 seconds (approx 1 min)


1 second

2 seconds

4 seconds

8 seconds

16 seconds

32 seconds (approx 1/2 min)

5 seconds

10 seconds

20 seconds

40 seconds

80 seconds

160 seconds

320 seconds (approx 5 min)

Normal exposure time 1 second at 6400, 2 seconds, 3200, 4 seconds 1600, etc. up to ISO 100 64 seconds (Close to 60 seconds, one minute).


The bulb mode presentation from last meeting has been uploaded to the website. It is on the “Resources” page, at the bottom of the education section.



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