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2019-03-13 Meeting

posted Apr 6, 2019, 11:51 AM by Geoff Faulkner




Tonight we looked at product photography of small objects using overhead off-camera flash.


Off-camera flash notes

  • Equipment list that we used tonight
  • Remove the lighting in the room. Start with manual exposure on your camera at ISO 400,  shutter speed 1/125 and aperture F/8. Take a sample photo with no flash and confirm that the photo is black. Make adjustments if you still see light. Try decreasing the ISO. Your shutter speed can increase, but be careful not to exceed your flash sync speed (1/200 on many newer cameras). Aperture adjustments can affect focus, especially when close to a small object.
  • Use a white paper curved up behind your subject to provide a clean background ("seamless white")
  • Position the main flash inside of a soft box, pointed down at your subject. Move this flash as close as you can to your subject without actually being in the shot. Set the flash power to very low, as the light is close to your subject. We were working at 1/128th power on our flash.
  • Take test shots and review. Position the flash and your subject to control reflections on the surface, lighting where you want to light. You can move the light, tip the angle, and generally re position.
  • If you want to kick some light into a dark area of your photo you can use a white card as a reflector. We used round cake decorating cardboard. I cut about 1 inch off the bottom of the round, cut a slit into the circle, and used the cut cardboard piece to make a stand.
  • Take test shots taking care to watch for the reflections and shadow lighting.
  • You could also setup additional lights. Consider lighting the paper in the back to ensure a nice, bright white throughout. Can also light from the side some of the shadow areas, but consider the balance between the main light and these extra fill lights. You might need to increase the light from the main light because the flashes can't go lower than 1/128--if all flashes are firing at the same power the fill light might overpower the main (key) light. We were looking for interesting shadows rather than a completely lit photo with all shadows filled in.


President message

Start the Microsoft Teams meeting for those who are remote.

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  • Richard Beebe - Classes? Richard has a beginning/intermediate photography class going on right now at the Grand.


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  • Dean Taylor from the Stockton Camera Club is our judge tonight
  • We have 89 entries for the competition