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Award Dinner

posted Dec 21, 2011, 11:11 PM by Geoff Faulkner

Laura Chellew, our treasurer has been busy at work looking for a place
to hold our end-of-year party. She has found several, some on the expensive
side, and others that have other drawbacks. The best of the group is Four
Corners Restaurant near Jefferson School. I have eaten there dozens of
times since it is the closest to my house. They have a separate meeting
room that is large enough for our group and a great meal offering. For $20
you have a choice of chicken, Salmon or tri tip.
The date of the party is January 14th so put it on your calendar.
After dinner, awards will be handed out for the best of the year images in
different categories. Laura will be sending out an invitatiion with all the
details. She will ask you to send a check to reserve a spot so we can pay
ahead of time.
If you received a copy of the Arts Education Catalog from the Grand
Theater you will notice that Both Richard Bebee's and Sheila Birkner's
classes are listed. We should all do what we can to make these classes a
success by taking them ourselves or mentioning them to our friends.