Why we compete

We compete to improve! One of the reasons we meet is the opportunity to have our work put into the monthly competition and reviewed. We try to get a guest judge for each month's competition. The judges provide us with open and honest feedback for our work and often suggest subtle changes to help make our work better.

Digital photos accepted

Our club has moved to digital projection of images. Members preferred this to the time and expense involved in printing images. We have noticed an increase in participation since moving to digital projection, and don't anticipate going back to prints! We haven't yet excluded prints from competition, so let our competition chairperson know if you have a print you'd like to submit.

Where we meet

The Tracy Camera Club is a partner in education at the Grand Theatre Center for the Arts in Tracy. We offer classes through the city at the art center, and they allow us to meet for our club meetings at the art center.

Join our monthly meetings upstairs, in the back corner art room near the elevators. We meet at 6 PM and the Grand has a tricky "lock the front door" and "unlock the side door" that also happens at 6. Go to the front entrance by the marquis on Central Ave before 6 PM. Use the side entrance on 7th Street close to 6 PM or after 6 PM. Sometimes both doors will be locked for a short period at 6 PM as they are performing this lock/unlock activity, but wait by the 7th Street entrance and someone should be by soon to unlock the door.