Club organization documents

TCC Brochure.pdf

Club presentations and education

1. Exposure, Camera Modes.pptx

Part 1 - Exposure, camera modes

2. Color Temperature and Histogram.pptx

Part 2 - Color temperature and histogram

3. Exposure Bracketing and Shutter Release Technique .pptx

Part 3 - Exposure bracketing

Lightroom Adjustment Brush.pdf

Lightroom adjustment brush

Photography Competition Basics.pptx

Photography competition basics



Perseid Meteor Shower Photography 2010.pptx

Perseid meteor show photography

Photoshop layers.pptx

Photoshop layers

Panorama Image Creation.pdf

Panorama image creation

Keywording Photos in Adobe Lightroom.pdf

Keywording photos in Adobe Lightroom

Create a collage using Lightroom Print Module.pptx
Lightroom Retouch with Range Masking.pdf

Retouching with Lightroom Range Masking