Photo submission

How to submit photos for the competition

Paid members may submit photos for the monthly competition.  Those wishing to join the club can do so at the club meeting. We encourage new members to visit the club, see a competition, and ask questions before submitting photos for the competition.

Please review the Categories page to learn which subjects are available for this month. Also, review our club bylaws to learn the rules of these categories. There are rotating categories that are only available once every 3 months. Some categories, like Journalism and Nature, have specific requirements for entries. Photos submitted incorrectly will be moved to Open if possible. If the move would enter too many photos into Open (only 3 allowed), then the photo submission will be disqualified for that month and may be resubmitted at a future date.

Our club accepts digital photos for the competition. Keep in mind that your photos will be displayed on a 4K high-resolution monitor. Please submit the highest resolution photo available, up to 25MB (the limit of our email attachments). 

Who can submit photos for competition?

Only current, paid members of the Tracy Camera Club may submit photos. Join the club by sending your contact information in the contact form. Pay your membership dues by PayPal to The dues are currently $25 for individuals and $10 each for additional family members.

Submission workflow

Your photo will be reviewed to ensure it meets the category requirements and will then be saved for presentation.

Paying for photo submissions

Once all your photos are submitted then please submit payment. Pay for your photos by sending $2/photo by PayPal to