Monthly competition categories

Photographers are encouraged to submit photos from the last 12 calendar months into one of our photo categories. We vote on a "subject" category at the end of each club year. This subject is a photo assignment for the month, and should be viewed as a special project to try to broaden skills. We have rotating categories that tend to get entries throughout the year.


The competition is broken down into Classes and Categories. The Classes are groupings of photographers who have similar score ranges in the club. Photographs from photographers in similar classes are judged together. Categories are photographs submitted that represent that particular subject.  "Subject of the month" categories are typically wide open to the interpretation of that subject by the photographer.

Other categories (like Journalism, Travel, Nature, Monochrome, and Portraits) have special rules for photographs entered. Review the club bylaws for information and limits placed on photos in these categories.

The Open category is just that -- open for photographs that don't fall into any other category.

Oldie but Goodie in November has no restriction for time so find one of your great old photos for this month. We will accept 1 photo in this category.