Member Classes

Class Definitions

  • Class AA: For advanced or professional photographers
  • Class A: For those who have advanced beyond the beginning class based on accumulated points (see rule 2).
  • Class B: For beginners and those inexperienced in competition (see rule 1).
  • Class Twelve and Under Open - An introduction into photography and competition for the children in the Tracy Camera Club. There will be no charge for their entries. Three prints and / or slide entries per monthly competition. The scored points do not accumulate. Note: Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Rules for Advancement

  1. New club members shall start out in Class B, except for professional photographers and club transfers who were already in Class A or Class AA in their former clubs. Class B competitors shall advance to Class A upon accumulating 200 points scored by all his/her entries that received 9 or 10 points.
  2. Class A competitors must advance to Class AA upon accumulating 300 additional points scored by all his/her entries that received 10 points. No time limits are imposed for this advancement.
  3. Any time during the competition year, member competitors are required to advance to the next class when they acquire the requisite total points. The advancements are announced by the President and take effect at the conclusion of that competition.